Thursday, November 7, 2013

Days 5,6 and 7...

5:  Things you want to say to an ex.

To Richie - thanks for making me get on the pill, but really?  You were an asshole.
To Bobby - sorry I hurt you and made you cry, I hope you're not so clingy any more
To Al - damn.  I wish I'd never let you get away.
To Kevin - Smarten up knucklehead, stop drinking, get your head out of your ass and be a father to your son
To Theo - I wish you nothing but a good life with friends that like you for you, not for your last name

6.  Your views on mainstream music:
I don't care.  I like just about anything.  Except for that motherfucker n-word bullshit ho rap shit.

7.  Five pet peeves:
1.  People that blare that motherfucker n-word bullshit ho rap shit when I'm next to them
2.  mean people
3.  crazy people
4.  people that tap shit all day
5.  stupid people - ain't nobody got time for that..

I found out today that a guy I went to high school with committed suicide.
What do you say to that?  I'm sorry?  I'm sorry that he felt that was the only way to make his life OK?  I'm sorry for the people that he left behind, wondering "if I'd only..... ______ "  Fill in the blank.   Sorry for his kids?  His ex-wife?    It's horrible.  HORRIBLE. 

He was probably one of the funniest people I'd ever met.  But, apparently, also one of the saddest.  Don't let the smiles fool you - sometimes, the ones that seem the happiest are hiding how UNhappy they truly are.

Anyway.  Think happy thoughts today.  I'm taking the boy this afternoon to his driver's test.  Oy vey.

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