Sunday, November 3, 2013

30 day challenge, days 1-3 :)

Day 1:  5 Ways to Win Your Heart

1.  Be honest
2.  Have some integrity, dammit
3.  Love my kid.  Kid happy?  Mom happy.  :)
4.  Be OK with the fact that I've been single for a while - I need some space.  Don't try and crawl up my ass.
5.  Be a nice person.  Pretty simple.

Day 2:  Something you feel strongly about

Hmm...   I feel strongly about a few things.  Karma is right up there.  It's a bitch when it comes back on you - but when it's come back on me?  I've accepted it.  That's all part of it.  You need to take your lumps when you've earned them.  The good karma, too.  Do good things, that will come back to you as well. 

Day 3:  A Book you love:

Shell Seekers.  Rosamund Pilcher.  It's one of those that I never wanted to end. 


The Gal Herself said...

I love your list of 5. For a lady who is comfortable being alone, you've compiled a good list for a long-term partner.

K Dubs said...

LOL Yeah, well look at where that's gotten me so far!