Sunday, November 16, 2008

The neighborhood..

OK, when you come into the development, the clubhouse is straight ahead, but you have to turn left (and then a right into their parking lot). Coming down the street my house is straight ahead - the first picture is a view from my house toward the entrance - I think most of the houses on the right are now lived-in. There is also a road up to the left with 5-6 houses on it. Then the road curves (at my house) and goes a bit, then curves again and ends up in a cul-de-sac behind us. There are a few houses that are still being built, but a lot up to mine are now lived in. I think 3 on my street and 3 behind me are ready to be closed on. The second picture is going past my house to the next curve. More later!

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cheatymoon said...

Snow!!!! OMG.

Pseudo said...

Your house is in a brand new neighborhood? Very cool. It looks cold with that snow. RIght now in Hawaii it is our "cold" weather. 68 degrees, raining, and I can finally wear my new sweater.

Anonymous said...

sweet neighborhood! Nice for the kiddie to ride his bike:-)
word veri:usish?