Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shut UP!

Much like Elaine in Seinfeld ~ Erin - if you were here, I'd shove you. LOL

My friend Erin nominated me for this:

Dayam! I never win anything!! Woot! Woot!

What I'm going to do is nominate some of my faves, some of whom might read here, some I know that don't :):

Cool chick is the blog of Tammy, wife of Melissa Etheridge. I forget why I started reading it, but she's hysterical at times, some of the stories when the kids were babies just cracked me up. I enjoy reading the honest and insightful stories about life on the left coast. :)

Baby Leah is the blog of my cousin Michelle and her journey as a first time mom and her adorable baby that I have YET to see in person. She needs to post more (hint.. hint...) I can't wait to get "home" and see them all. sniff.. sniff...

Urban Paramedic is the blog of a city of Boston medic and his travels through the urban jungle. It's a great blog - but right now you have to go through the archives, he's been deployed to Germany and may or may not be back to the blog. I have to admit, I really miss it.

Enjoy, check them out - and happy reading!!

Today I am going to be knees deep in classwork - my two Fall 2 session classes started Wednesday. Humanities and Sociology. And Sociology would be MUCH easier if I'd gotten that book instead of the Psychology one. Whoops! I'm a maroon.
The house is coming along - the mess is making me nuts, which is a good thing, because that's when I just start throwing shit out. I have to go out and pick up sprinklers and hoses - because of course NOW is when they choose to put in my sod (that I asked not to be installed until the spring) and it needs to be watered the first 24 hours. I'm also going to pick up my PC - minus all the stuff I had on the hard drive, because of course it had to crash. Hopefully there wasn't anything important on it. I know I lost pictures of the fuckwit. ROFL YAY!! So maybe it's a good thing? A fresh start of sorts. :)

Ahhhhh Saturday. At least I slept past 6AM.


Cristin said...

Congrats on the award!

cheatymoon said...

Sleeping past 6 a.m. is always a good thing...

I hope you can come home sometime soon.

cheatymoon said...

oh, and you're welcome for the award. I wish the rest of the loop blogged too. It's so fun.

K Dubs said...

I must admit, I do love sleep. And the loopies would be fun to read. I bet Carrie has a hidden blog somewhere, LOL