Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Helping Hands Project

Thistle has a wonderful idea going and I am going to do my part ~ you can read about it there :).

The Rules

1. Choose some way to give back. Here’s a few ideas….

* donate to the foodbank
* donate coats and blankets to a homeless shelter
* support a craft or bake sale that is in support of your local arts program or senior’s centre
* give a bag of cat litter or dog food to you favourite animal shelter
* donate blood
* throw your change in the Christmas Kettle as you’re going past
* volunteer to man the Christmas kettle
* make a new year’s resolution to volunteer some time next year to coach a kid’s T-ball team or a Special Olympics sport
* have a toy drive at school
* get a re-usable shopping bag

Something we've decided to do at work this year is rather than adopting a family, we're giving the $200 or so that we have earmarked for Christmas to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission. While a family is a good idea, feeding homeless people is a better one. There are so many people that have no home, have no dinner, and it costs $2/meal or so, and if we can feed 100 people that's wonderful. I may take the money that I have for one of the boy's presents and give that, too.

I have lived a very lucky life. A far from perfect one, but I have always had a home, a warm bed and friends and family that love me and would help me out if I needed it. And sometimes, I've needed it. My son has never wanted for anything (except a male role model, but I won't go there). I've been fortunate enough that I have been able to help others out before, and I'm sure I will do it again, although maybe not to quite the extent I have (do a search on the filthy whore if you have to LOL). But life is good. Life is great, in fact. And will continue to get better. :)

So I hope everyone recognizes how lucky they are to have homes, computers, beds, TV's, friends and family. There are a lot - especially this year - that have nothing.

Pay it forward....


cheatymoon said...

One year at work, instead of getting each other secret santas, we each put in some money and did a big adopting a family thing. It was wicked fun. I always thought the getting gifts for workmates was forced. Now, I throw a tin of cookies on a table and call it good. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Adopting a family is a wonderful thing. Each year when we do the big Christmas Hamper delivery for the local Foodbank, there are a few that are 'sponsored familys' and i can tell you the amazement and delight on their faces when we start bringing in all the extras on top of the basic hamper is worth all the headache of the preparation that gets put into the the endeavour. And the best part is that they don't know they're sponsored until all the extra stuff arrives. And that really is like Christmas for them...

Anonymous said...

whoops...forgot to say Thanks for particiating in this and putting the word out! I got up in a grumpy mood thhis morning, but sitting and reading what people are doing has mae my mood decidely better...and 'I' thank you for that :)

K Dubs said...

There are a couple of reasons we decided to donate rather than adopt a family. I'm not going to go into them, but suffice it to say - this was the better option for work peeps.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't mean to suggest helping the homeless was a bad idea. In fact, my own workplace is doing the same thing...which is interesting because our clients, who themselves are on fixed and limited incomes are donating toward that project. Guess they realize that as tough as it can get for them, most of them have a roof over their heads and supports in place. So they want to help those who don't have that. Your project sounds like a very worthy effort.

Pseudo said...

I love this post. Nice way of putting everything itno perspective. I just need to work on my own kids, they can be a bit entitled at times.