Monday, December 29, 2008

So this week - I've gotten in some of this:

and some of this:

Gotta love family. And kids. :) Tonight I'm babysitting for the little one up there. She's such an easy baby, she's so damn cute, too - which makes it easy!

Just wanted to share. :D


cheatymoon said...

Wicked cute. I love the look on J's face opening the gift. So cool.
I got to hold the new baby yesterday!
Hope you are having a blast.

K Dubs said...

ooooh new baby! loved the pictures of her - I thought her hair would be green! LOL too cute. We are having a great time - J is bored, of course, unless he's on the computer. We're heading out tomorrow to the Science museum, and then maybe to some fondue place. mmmm And I'm now out of stealth mode, so some of my friends are figuring out I'm here. LOL There goes the rest of the week!

cheatymoon said...

Well have fun - I heard that Fondue place is worth it.

Pseudo said...

Too cute for words, both of them.