Monday, August 18, 2008

Building walls...

No, not me. Don't be ascared! LOL

We have walls up in the house!! YAY!!! All of the wallboard is up, I took pictures of all the rooms, and will transfer them later from my phone. I'm just too tired to forward them all to myself right now. Or even better - I'll take the good camera over tomorrow and get pictures with the flash. It looks awesome, I can't wait till it's finished!!

So, yet another chapter in the Fuckwit Chronicles. It's a bit like a train derailment, eh? You know you shouldn't look, but yet you can't help yourself. You're a bit curious...

Last I heard about the FFW's boyfriend living in the house was that he was going to "address it". I'm sorry? How does a spineless fuckwit address anything? He runs and hides and deals with it from behind a computer screen. LOL Anyway - I guess her solution was to move him out of the house she's in and move him into the LAKE HOUSE. The $1.4M house on the lake. And of course, since she's his "employee" (don't even get me started on that one LOL) and picks him up at the airport when he comes in (because nobody in his family cares to?) she knows when he comes home, and can get the boyfriend out of the house and CLEAN IT UP - which he pays her for - or is that free rent in trade? Who knows. But me? I'm just giggling at it all. Apparently he has NO freaking clue - what an absolute dumbass. And how cheeky of her, huh?

I'm off to read my book for a bit. :) And giggle.