Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Gnome tale.......

It was March of 2011.  He arrived in a plain brown box, with just the Amazon symbol to discern what awaited inside.  I opened it, almost giddy, and held him aloft.  He had arrived.  My gnome.  I've always wanted one, but every time I found them advertised they would sell out.  So I resorted to Amazon.  And he came.  Just like they promised.  He was everything I expected.  Short.  Blue jacket, white beard, red hat.  I didn't know what to name him, so I placed him on my desk at work and then brought him back home a few days later to think about it.  I set him by my computer, and totally forgot about naming him.  He became part of my desk.

I had a party at my house - ladies only - no not that kind of party...  And after the party, I sat at my computer and realized that he was gone.  What the hell?  Who would take my gnome???  I immediately accused my BFF, Kim - who, of course, denied any involvement.

A few days later, I got a friend request on Facebook.  From Edward Nome (you can see his page HERE)..  And I was like, "Huh?  I don't know any Edward Nome".  After a few minutes, it sunk in.  Dammit.  They even started a facebook page??  Well, at least now he is named.  He is Eddie. 

Eddie started a whirlwind of adventures, stopping every once in a while to send me a postcard from wherever he was..  He was having a lovely time for himself!

In the meantime, a friend from High School, Leah - sent me a replacement as a gradutation gift.  I graduated with my Bachelors in May of 2011.  His name was Bob.  He looked different from Eddie, but that was OK, he was cool - and he came with his own gargoyles.   He hung out in my kitchen.  At my graduation party, I received another - just like Eddie - only he had "if found return to K" on the bottom of it.  And his name is Henry.  There was a lot of drinking and celebrating, and somehow between the party and the hangover the next day - both Henry and Bob were kidnapped. 

Can you see where this is going?

All I wanted was a freaking gnome.  That was it.  To take on travels.  LOL

About a month or so later, I opened my front door to find a big brother to Eddie and Henry - his name was Ian Shagnasty and he asked to live with me.  He's too big to steal.  LOL

Then a month or so after that, Red showed up from Seattle.  He's dressed in my favorite baseball team's attire - the Red Sox.

Again.... I just wanted one.  To hang out with.

In the meantime, Eddie is posting pictures of all these places that he's at - and his last known whereabouts was in Cabo.  Apparently he was left in the back of a cab.  Whoops!  So he's now probably a member of some violent drug cartel.  I fear that Eddie's gone bad. 

Bob and Eddie met up in San Diego (before the Great Cabo Cab Incident of 2011)...

Bob was last seen in Boston, surprisingly RIGHT after I left there - drinking with some of my cousins...

And Henry?  Well, Henry showed up during our trip to Martha's Vineyard.  He found his way to the house we rented and has been "home" ever since...

Henry has come along with us on some wonderful adventures.  He has his own Facebook page now.  Henry G. Nome go ahead - friend him .  He has lots of fun - and is headed to Atlantis in the spring!

Poor Eddie and Bob.... sigh........

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