Thursday, October 11, 2012

What? Me? Serious??

Yeah yeah... it happens sometimes.

I've been following this case - mainly because of the circumstances, but even more so lately because a friend knew her and her family - click here and check it out.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Got it?  Good. 

This really hit home for me.  Why?  Because I was in the same circumstances as that girl almost 17 years ago.  I was that girl.  I was pregnant with a baby that the father was trying all sorts of ways to get out of being a father to - including asking me to abort and when that was too late, asking me to put the baby up for adoption.  This was a man that I thought I loved - that I thought loved me.  That, months before I found out I was pregnant - was talking about moving in with me - the TV could go here, the other chair here, things like that.  And I believed him. 




Why?  Who knows.  I was in love - I wanted to believe that he was a better person.  I wanted to believe that my son's father wasn't an asshole, and that he wouldn't do that to me - he loved me (insert snort, snicker, guffaw - whatever, here).

Now, looking back - he never loved me - I doubt he's ever loved anyone but himself.  His whole life was and probably is still a big fat lie. 

Do I think, now, that given the opportunity, he would have done the same thing to me as Bluew did to Jenny?  Absolutely.  He is also a cop.  It's something about the power - the feeling of superiority - that they think they can do anything and get away with it.  Look at the news lately - especially in Boston.  There are cops being indicted for OUI's (finally), being bookies, doing drugs - shit, even selling drugs.  There are a lot of them that are dirty.  And what does that accomplish?  It makes the good ones look bad.

Since moving to the Midwest, I've met a lot of cops that are great guys.  Not pieces of poop like so many of the MSP or BPD that I knew.

Anyway - I digress.

Ladies - if you ever EVER think of getting involved with a married man?  STOP.  Don't do it.  You deserve more.   If you insist on it?  Know that this girl that you just read about?  She could be you.  Want to find out how much he loves you?  Tell him you're pregnant - you'll see a scramble the likes of which you've never seen before...

And know this - if he really TRULY wanted to be with you?  He would be.  There are courts that prevent the wife from keeping his kids away from him, she can't run away and take them to Canada (yes, I heard that one come out of his mouth), the way the laws are now - most of the time it's joint physical and legal custody.  Not just every other weekend. 

Liar liar pants on fire.

Oh, and last weekend was the baby-daddy's birthday - so if you happen to know or see Kevin rhymes with bay but starts with an F?  Tell him happy belated.  And then kick him in the knee for me...

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