Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wicked Wednesday.....

So, the Donald had a big announcement today about Obama.

Seriously?  He just got the most free publicity, and for what?  I'd pay more attention to him if he said he was getting a new hairdo.  He's such a pompous ass, it's ridiculous.  "Everyone love me, I am Donald, hear me roar"... blah blah blah... vomit... vomit... vomit.....

Thank goodness for Facebook!  It reminds all of the people that would normally forget that it's your birthday.  Yay!   Of course the ones that usually forget will still forget.   It's nice, though, that people take time out of their day even just to write "happy birthday"..  :)  It makes me feel special!  My BFF took me out to lunch, and my birthday buddy brought me yogurt pretzels, strawberry dip and pumpkin cookies.  Yum.  :)

In 3 weeks, I get to throw out (or burn - maybe I'll burn them) ALL of my bras.  It's going to be a happy happy day!

Tomorrow is the boy's birthday.  He'll be 16.  Holy shit.  16.  He's half way to grown up.  In another 16 years he could meet the love of his life, get married and have kids.  Wow...

Tonight's treat?  Making brownies for his birthday.  And I'll enjoy every second of it.  Because there aren't many birthdays left that I'll be able to do this for him... :(  Now I'm feeling old..

So, hey (can't resist) - if you see Kevin Fay of the MA State Police tomorrow?   Ask him what he got his son for his birthday, willya?  LOL

Happy Wednesday!

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